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What to Expect When You Are Aging

It is never too soon to learn more about what happens to the body during the process of aging. Those who live a full life expectancy will eventually experience the process, and almost everyone is connected to a friend or family member who is aging. Many take supplements to make aging a little kinder to their bodies. Here are some things to expect.

Heart and Cardiovascular System

Even those in the best physical shape will likely experience some significant changes in their cardiovascular system. Like most things made of matter, organs and tissues that have aged will show signs of wear. The arteries start to harden, and the heart tends to become enlarged. This means the heart has to work harder to stay functional. In many cases, people who are aging have slower heart rates and develop high blood pressure. Healthy diet and exercise can help curb some of these conditions, but some have turned to healthy supplements to assist the function of the heart.

Bones and Muscles

Bones tend to do the opposite of the heart. They shrink and become weaker. In fact, the shrinkage is the reason many people lose inches in height as they grow older. Muscles become weaker and make it tougher for seniors to maintain good motor skills. Because of this diminishing of bone and muscle, falls for the aging can be nearly fatal.

Nothing can prevent the onset of cardiovascular challenges or bone and muscle deterioration completely. It is a natural process that will affect every living being. Finding the right supplement, though, can slow the process and improve quality of life.

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