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Understanding Labiaplasty As a Cosmetic Procedure

There are a number of factors that can cause the vagina to stretch and have a less attractive appearance. Some women experience a loss of elasticity in the labial skin after going through childbirth. The vagina also changes its appearance as a woman ages. It can stretch or lose symmetry. Based on a popular national aesthetic, women who have firmer looking labial skin, without any sag and with balanced symmetry, are viewed as being more attractive.

Many doctors have used labiaplasty as an effective way to treat stretched vaginal skin. This plastic surgery procedure tightens the lips of the vagina, but it should not be confused with vaginoplasty, a reconstructive surgery. Vaginoplasty is commonly used to address medical issues like vaginal incontinence or malformed vaginal structures that affect a woman’s ability to menstruate, have sexual intercourse or urinate.

One heavily debated issue surrounding the idea of cosmetically altering the labia is its alleged ability to heighten sexual sensation. While some doctors tout this as a selling point for those who are considering the surgery, other medical experts say the procedure does not achieve this result. The idea of sexual sensation is so individualized and based on more than physical contact. Many women experience sexual satisfaction based on emotional triggers alone.

If the procedure equips a woman with better sexual esteem and improves her quality of life with her partner, there is no debate that the surgery is a positive choice. The appearance of the body contributes much to the level of attraction between two people. Those who do not wish to change the way they look find satisfaction in other ways.

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