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Turning Back the Clock With HGH and Testosterone

Every year over age 30, men lose about 1 percent per year of their natural testosterone levels. Levels of Human Growth Hormone (HG) also decline 14 per decade after age 30 in men. These important male hormones regulate muscle mass, sex drive, sperm production, and energy levels. The result of lower hormone levels is less energy, sex drive, and a decrease in muscle mass.

The good news for older men is that these dramatic declines are not inevitable. Modern medicine has developed techniques that can restore normal testosterone and HGH levels. The positive effects are both significant and noticeable. In the past, men were forced to obtain both products separately, which could be a hassle and more expensive. Today, products like Nature’s Plus GHT Male conveniently combine both treatments in one bottle.

HGH Benefits

For older men, the first benefit they usually notice is an improvement in sleep duration and quality. Better sleep helps with improved energy and a stronger immune system.

HGH supplementation also helps in building muscle and reducing fat. This can transform an older man’s appearance. Additionally, HGH increases bone density. For older men, this helps prevent falls that result in broken bones.

Testosterone Benefits

Testosterone supplementation helps men in a number of ways. Users often report an increase in energy and alertness, greater sex drive, and more muscle mass. Many men who lift weights have been using testosterone for years because it has a deserved reputation for visibly increasing muscle mass and strength.

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