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Three Items to Consider Before Your Joint Replacement

If you have end-stage arthritis in a weight-bearing joint such as a knee or hip, your orthopedic surgeon may suggest a total joint replacement to both decrease the pain and give you back your range of motion. Before you have your surgery, there are several items you should consider purchasing and practicing with to make sure you’ll be comfortable at home for your recovery.

A Raised Toilet Seat

Some toilets are very close to the floor, which can place a lot of strain on your legs. Purchasing a raised seat can make it easier for you, decreasing your chances of falling or straining your non-operative leg. It’s also essential if you aren’t comfortable with anyone helping you use the toilet.

Bed Rails

For a joint replacement, you will usually be up and on your feet before you’re released from the hospital. There’s usually no need for a hospital bed. However, getting up and down from your bed at home can be a challenge. Bed rails for seniors can be attached as long as you need them to give you that added confidence and stability during your recovery.

A Shower Chair

Whether it’s a standard folding chair with rubber grips or a special shower chair, you will likely want one after a replacement. Getting up and down from the tub is usually not an option and standing under the shower can be difficult at first. Sitting in the shower allows you to take your time with bathing.

Recovering from a total joint replacement is usually a quick process. By considering your needs ahead of time, you can decrease the chance of falls and boost your confidence with a few smart purchases.

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