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The Benefits of an Open Bore MRI

There is a good chance that you are like many other patients who feel anxiety over the thought of a closed bore MRI. This is why facilities such as Middletown Medical Imaging give patients the option of having an open MRI procedure. Here are the benefits of an open bore MRI.

You Do Not Feel Closed In

You may feel anxious over a traditional MRI is because the exam table slides into the tunnel-shaped bore. You do not have to worry about feeling closed in when you have an open MRI. The exam table slides into an open MRI scanner, so you will not feel confined between the walls of a tunnel. If you suffer from mild claustrophobia, an open MRI will help you to stay calm during the procedure.

It Is Designed For Different Body Types

A closed bore MRI may feel uncomfortable if you have a larger body. However, you will not feel cramped inside a small space during an open MRI. The body-weight capacity makes it easy to scan patients of different sizes. It gives you a peace of mind while allowing your physician to get an accurate reading.

It Offers Maximum Comfort

You do not have to worry about lying on an uncomfortable table and feeling cramped when you have an open MRI. The cushioned table is just what you need to feel cozy during the procedure. The open scanner allows you to get into a comfortable position so you can just lie back and relax. You can also take comfort in knowing the staff will be right there if you need them. The staff monitors you throughout the procedure to makes sure it is going smoothly, and the technician uses a high quality speaker system to communicate with you.

Gives Accurate Results

There is nothing more frustrating than going through medical testing only to find out the results are not accurate. You do not have to worry about going through a second procedure when you get an open MRI. The state-of-the-art scanners take detailed images to ensure the results are accurate.

The open MRI is a great choice if you suffer from mild claustrophobia or do not like to feel restricted. You can enjoy the comfortable feeling of an open MRI without sacrificing the diagnostic accuracy of a traditional MRI.

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