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The Benefits of an Open Bore MRI

There is a good chance that you are like many other patients who feel anxiety over the thought of a closed bore MRI. This is why facilities such as Middletown Medical Imaging give patients the option of having an open MRI procedure. Here are the benefits of an open bore MRI.

You Do Not Feel Closed In

You may feel anxious over a traditional MRI is because the exam table slides into the tunnel-shaped bore. You do not have to worry about feeling closed in when you have an open MRI. The exam table slides into an open MRI scanner, so you will not feel confined between the walls of a tunnel. If you suffer from mild claustrophobia, an open MRI will help you to stay calm during the procedure.

It Is Designed For Different Body Types

A closed bore MRI may feel uncomfortable if you have a larger body. However, you will not feel cramped inside a small space during an open MRI. The body-weight capacity makes it easy to scan patients of different sizes. It gives you a peace of mind while allowing your physician to get an accurate reading.

It Offers Maximum Comfort

You do not have to worry about lying on an uncomfortable table and feeling cramped when you have an open MRI. The cushioned table is just what you need to feel cozy during the procedure. The open scanner allows you to get into a comfortable position so you can just lie back and relax. You can also take comfort in knowing the staff will be right there if you need them. The staff monitors you throughout the procedure to makes sure it is going smoothly, and the technician uses a high quality speaker system to communicate with you.

Gives Accurate Results

There is nothing more frustrating than going through medical testing only to find out the results are not accurate. You do not have to worry about going through a second procedure when you get an open MRI. The state-of-the-art scanners take detailed images to ensure the results are accurate.

The open MRI is a great choice if you suffer from mild claustrophobia or do not like to feel restricted. You can enjoy the comfortable feeling of an open MRI without sacrificing the diagnostic accuracy of a traditional MRI.

6 Ways Your Relationship Can Change After a Traumatic Brain Injury

A traumatic brain injury (TBI) can lead to intense physical, mental, and emotional trauma. Recuperation from a TBI – if full recuperation is even possible – is often a slow and arduous process for the sufferer. A TBI patient’s significant other will no doubt feel the sting of this life-altering injury too, whether the TBI came from an auto accident, sports injury, fall, or otherwise.


Here are just some of the ways your relationship could change after you or your partner suffers a traumatic brain injury:


1. New relationship roles.

While your relationship was ideally you and your partner as friends, lovers, and supporters of each other, after a TBI the weight in a relationship is no longer evenly distributed. One of you needs much more care than the other, and the default caregiver often becomes the healthier spouse who is suddenly faced with roles of nurse and even parent, doing jobs like bathing their partner, feeding him, dressing him, and helping him get around.


2. Changes in responsibilities.

If the breadwinner of the household is suddenly unable to work because of a TBI, the financial burden falls to the other spouse, particularly if worker’s compensation is meager, unemployment benefits run out, or their job is not as high-paying. The TBI sufferer can feel anger and frustration at being unable to provide, and the caregiver can feel stress attempting to maintain their family’s typical lifestyle while taking on caregiver responsibilities at the same time, as well as caring for the children solo, managing bills, yardwork, grocery shopping, cleaning, and so much more. Resentment at handling the bulk of everything can settle in quickly.


3. Difficulty communicating.

Some TBIs leave one partner unable to communicate as before, whether their speech has been impacted or whether their memory has taken a toll. They may find themselves grasping for words and unable to communicate the thoughts that once easily found their voice. Having a meaningful conversation with your spouse, reminiscing about the past, or planning for the future could all be difficult – which can be stunting to the relationship.


4. Personality shifts.

Brain injury survivors often discover that they have new personality traits after their injury – these can be positive and, more often than not, they can be negative. But their partner can quickly realize that the person they once loved is no longer the same. Dark mood shifts are a common side effect of a TBI and this can lead a person to behave and even feel differently in their relationship, leaving the healthier spouse feeling like they’re married to a stranger.


5. New relationship with the kids.

A TBI can alter a person so dramatically that they may seem unrecognizable to the people who love them most. A parent who was once loving and demonstrative with their love may suddenly be listless, angry, or distracted, leaving a child – especially small children – confused and heartbroken. This new dynamic can permanently change the relationship a child has with their parent, even if he or she recovers fully from the TBI, and their partner can feel burdened by what their children are experiencing.


6. Lack of intimacy.

Physical intimacy can take a hit after a TBI, not only because the physical aspect of intimacy can be compromised by the TBI as well as other injuries. Hormone levels could be affected. The TBI sufferer’s self-confidence in their appearance or attractiveness can be compromised. Significant changes in your typical sexual relationship, combined with the uncertainty of recovery, can affect intimacy. The exhaustion that the caregiver can experience with their new responsibilities, and the discomfort or fatigue the TBI sufferer can feel also compounds the problem.


Making a point to focus on the positives that remain in the relationship rather than focusing on the negatives can help a couple through the challenges that inevitably arise after a traumatic brain injury.


About: David Christensen is a personal injury attorney and brain injury expert at Christensen Law in Southfield, Michigan. The team at Christensen Law helps brain injury victims obtain the benefits they need for long term care after a TBI.




Easy Advice For Getting More From Your Workouts

Easy Advice For Getting More From Your Workouts

Easy Advice For Getting More From Your Workouts

So, you decided that you want to get into fitness. That’s a very good choice of activity to participate in. There are a lot of techniques involved to work out properly, though. Do you know what you need to know about the activity to do it right? If you don’t, you should look at these tips below.

A good tip to help you lose weight is to exercise moderately. A lot of people make the mistake of going too hard at first. They’ll do over two hours of cardio in one session and pretty soon they’ll burn themselves out. It’s best to go with a more moderate workout routine.

One way to get the most out of your fitness routine is to be sure to feed your muscles carbohydrates and protein shortly after working out. This will ensure that your muscles are replenished and also that they are not sore for the next day. A good idea would be to keep an orange with you in your workout bag, and possibly a can of tuna fish once you are out of a public area.

Avoid being too hard on yourself if you fail to meet a goal or take a day off. We all need a break now and then. The important thing is to not take one day’s failure, as a reason to quit entirely. Fitness is something you will be doing for the rest of your life. Just like brushing your teeth, just because you missed a day doesn’t mean to you stop forever. Read more →

Tips To Establishing Your Personal Fitness Goals!

Tips To Establishing Your Personal  Fitness Goals!

Tips To Establishing Your Personal Fitness Goals!

Everyone wants to get into shape but not everyone knows how to do it, this can be discouraging for the people who aren’t sure what to do to get into shape. The best way to go about getting into shape and being fit is to learn as much as you can and applying that knowledge, use this article as a place to get started.

At the end of your exhaustive workout session, rather than reaching for a sports drink or water, try chocolate milk. Chocolate milk has been shown to hydrate as well as water but speeds the recovery time of athletes in training. You will be able to return to another workout session faster than if you had chosen a different beverage.

Learning to dance is a great way to get more exercise into your life. Dancers are known for having some of the fittest bodies in the world and this is not by coincidence. Dancing requires incredible core strength, as well as, the stamina to get through a tough routine. Even if you will never be a professional dancer, learning to dance is a fun way to incorporate physical fitness into your free time, as well as a fun way to meet new people.

When working on your abdominal muscles you should never put your entire focus on doing crunches. A study at a prominent university revealed that even 250,000 crunches only burns enough calories to lose just one pound. Because of this, crunches alone are not sufficient for a total ab workout. Add other moves to your abdominal routine, as well. Read more →

Quit Using Those Crash Diets And Try This Easy Solution

Quit Using Those Crash Diets And Try This Easy Solution

Quit Using Those Crash Diets And Try This Easy Solution

Sports are a great way to get involved in fitness. This article covers the general benefits and possible dangers of many different sports, ranging from an easy-going Ultimate Frisbee, to the rough and tumble play of the rugby field, where battle scars are marks of passage. This article will teach you what best suits your body type on your terms.

When you’re doing cardio workouts on equipment like a treadmill or elliptical, don’t lean too much on the handrails. This reduces the amount of weight you’re putting on your legs while you work out and means you’ll burn less calories. It also means you won’t get the full muscle building effect from the work out since your muscles won’t be working as hard.

To stay fit it’s important to break bad food habits. While a healthy diet contributes greatly to overall fitness, it can be one of the hardest goals to achieve. Most people enter a fitness program accustomed to eating unhealthy foods. This is a habit that can be broken. The quicker the fitness enthusiast acclimates to a healthy diet the faster cravings for junk food will disappear.

As a population we have generally become lazy. If a car will get us there, in the car we go. A good fitness tip is to forgo the wheels and go on foot. Perhaps you need to go to the gas station a half mile away for milk, then you should walk. Another good idea is to park farther away at places like the grocery store, and force yourself to walk a few yards. This will get a little bit of exercise in where before there was none. Read more →