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Whether you’re flying solo or are with a partner, there’s no negating that an orgasm is an essential part of sexual enjoyment. But sometimes orgasms can be hard to come by, or when they are to be had, they’re not very fulfilling. While there are many ways to improve your orgasm — communicate, relax, experiment, innovate, etc. — one suggested method that more women are getting on board with is meditation. Yes, meditation for an orgasm. Or to be specific, orgasmic meditation. This movement is actually being promoted and practice at holistic and spiritual health centers such as OneTaste OM. At centers like these, you can expect to learn about — and actually practice — orgasmic meditation.

With OM, meditation coupled with a peaceful, calming, no-expectations environment and genital stimulation of the clitoris by a partner’s fingers takes place for fifteen minutes. During these 15-minute sessions, you simply relax and allow your partner — either someone you’ve brought with you, or a man or a woman who is present and whom you accept to touch you — to stroke your clitoris, specifically near the upper left side, an area that is rich in nerve endings and thus is perfect for pleasurable stimulation. The stimulation releases oxytocin, which will calm you and enable you to feel a lot of pleasure, though it should be noted that the stimulation is not designed to bring about an orgasm. Rather, the stimulation is designed to be a therapy of sorts, a way for a woman to open herself up (literally and figuratively) and accept pleasurable touches, and if she has brought her partner, a way for the partner to improve on pleasing her. Both partners focus on the sensation being given/received, and the emotional connection that is created or strengthened during the process.

Orgasmic meditation is a boon to couples because it enhances physical pleasure, and the woman on the receiving end is more likely to reach orgasm if she is given plenty of time to enjoy a sensation that is being delivered to her from a trusted partner. The partner who is doing the stimulation, known as the stroker, benefits because he or she is learning how to better please his or her partner, and there is the confidence and assurance brought on by such deliberate and enhancing contact between the two.

For many women, orgasmic meditation is a way to re-connect with the body and what feels good, and to be more receptive to physical touch and pleasure, and thus more likely to reach orgasm without difficulty. Because orgasmic meditation is only done in 15-minute sessions, there is no pressure for other sex acts or even sexual fulfillment. The goal is to create a connection and to foster enjoyment. Additionally, because the woman is only unclothed from the waist down, and her partner — the stroker — is fully clothed, there is a level of trust and peace of mind that is engaged during the pleasurable process.

While orgasmic meditation may not be for everyone, it can certainly provide emotional bonding and relationship strengthening for many women and their partners, as well as more frequent and more fulfilling orgasms.

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