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Concerns About Implants

Before getting dental implants, you might be concerned about how the new tooth will look in the mouth. Implants are very sturdy and will look and feel like natural teeth. You can eat just about any kind of food that you want and care for them as you would your natural teeth. They are sometimes stronger than your natural teeth are as the tooth is secured with a titanium rod that is placed in the jaw bone. There are a few questions about implant aesthetics that a dentist office can answer after x-rays have been taken of the teeth. The x-ray is important as it gives the dentist an idea as to the severity of the tooth that is still in the mouth before it’s pulled or to see the bone structure to help determine how the rod needs to be placed.

Placing the rod in the bone is often considered a surgical procedure. The dentist can give you pain medication before the procedure so that you don’t feel anything, and there are some who can give you nitrous oxide or an IV sedation so that you are as relaxed as possible. An IV sedation is often reserved for multiple implants that need to be placed.

There are a few reasons as to why you would need an implant in the first place. A tooth could get knocked out or damaged while playing or sport or if you are in a car accident. Sometimes, an infection can occur underneath the tooth, which results in the loss of the tooth. If a part of the tooth breaks off, the dentist might need to pull it, which would mean that you could get an implant in order to keep the natural structure of the teeth in the mouth and to give you the natural smile that you desire. An implant is stronger than dentures or a bridge and doesn’t rely on the other teeth close to it for stability, making it easier for the tooth to function like a normal tooth would while eating. You can also brush and floss around the tooth like the natural teeth in the mouth.

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