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Common Workplace Injuries in Iowa

Each year, millions of employees hurt themselves while they are trying to perform their core job duties. Some of the incidents are not their fault, and some of them occur because of their carelessness. Many job injuries occur because employers fail to take certain steps to ensure that their employees have full protection. Errors such as delayed maintenance and improper training often play a large role in employee accidents. The following are three common accidents that occur on the job in Iowa:

Back Injuries

Back injuries are one of the most common reasons that employees miss work. They can occur because of overexertion or improper training. Employers are supposed to inform new employees of the proper way to lift and carry objects so that lifting does not affect their backs. Employers are supposed to be mindful of stressful situations, as well. Unfortunately, some employees try to take on tasks that are too burdensome, and they end up with back sprains and strains. Ignorance of the appropriate way to lift objects contributes to the annual injury cases.

Finger and Hand Cuts

Finger and hand cuts are another common workplace injury. Hand and finger cuts happen sometimes while employees are trying to operate meat slicers and commercial dishwashers without the proper training. In some cases, the machines cause injuries because the employers do not conduct the necessary maintenance on them.

Slip and Fall

A slip and fall incident is an incident in which a person slips on something wet or slippery and ends up with a severe injury. Many workers suffer such incidents because of spills that no one cleans and warning failures. For example, a worker should put up a sign after waxing or mopping a hard floor in the facility. Employees should block areas in which customers spill liquids or slippery substances.

How to Handle a Work Injury

An injured employee should first inquire about workmans comp Iowa benefits. The state requires most Iowa employees to carry workers’ compensation coverage, which is a benefit that pays part of an employee’s payroll while he or she is recovering from a work-related injury. The state does not award workman’s comp based on fault; it awards workman’s comp based on the presence of a work-related injury. An injured employee will want to notify a supervisor of the injury immediately and then obtain care from a medical specialist. The next call the person may want to make is a call to an attorney that specializes in workplace incidents.

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