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Cancer Patients Appreciate Encouragement

No one is more devastated than the person who gets the overwhelming diagnosis, “You have cancer” unless it is the frightened family that also has to hear those terrible words and imagine all that is coming next as time progresses.

What does everyone do after the patient goes through all the tests, doctor visits, making decisions as to what treatment to attempt, and then having to endure those treatments and the many side effects as well as other worries?

It is a blessing that there are uplifting books for cancer patients that help to calm some of the fears of the unknown as the unfortunate ones travel the cancer path. The caregivers and family members also benefit from reading such books and absorbing the knowledge that is given of so many factors that enter into the total picture.

There are so many questions to ask about the challenging stages of the disease, the care required including managed care, the number of medications and treatments, maybe required surgery, psychological and spiritual issues, legal components that need to be taken care of, and perhaps eventually the end-of-life matters regarding final care including hospice and even euthanasia or physician-assisted suicide, if they are allowed in your state.

Just such a straight-talking and common-sense guide is When Tumor Is the Rumor and Cancer Is the Answer, which was written mostly for the patient who is newly diagnosed and the families but can also be extremely helpful at any stage of the disease.

The book’s goal is to provide answers in order to help to reduce the tremendous anxiety. It explains and puts in context the biggest fear- mortality.

Kevin P. Ryan, MD and also FACP and COL USAF (retired) is the author and a Professor at the Davis School of Medicine at UC. He has authored a multitude of clinical and research papers, abstracts, and book chapters in Hematology/Oncology.

Those confronted with cancer are encouraged to marshal their courageous internal resources, conquer their natural fears, and ultimately and hopefully triumph over this devastating experience and learn instead to become cancer survivors.

Getting Your Practice’s Equipment Fixed Quickly and Efficiently

You rely on your medical practice’s equipment to treat and diagnose patients. When items like stethoscopes or hoses break or wear out, you may have to suspend your practice and put your reputation and livelihood at risk. However, rather than spend the money buying new equipment for your office, you may instead find it faster and more affordable to have the damaged items repaired. You can go online to find out more about services like Phaco handpiece repair, stethoscope repairs, and others that can help ensure the patient care at your practice.

Exploring Services

Before you send off your equipment for repairs, you may want to know that you are choosing the best business to partner with you for this need. You want to know that the company can repair your items quickly and efficiently without putting your budget at risk.

You can explore the service options available to you online today. The business makes available its array of services under the tab at the top of the page. You can opt for the one that best addresses the repair or damage issues your practice is currently facing.


You also may want to know how much all of the services will cost you before you send off equipment for repairs. You can go online to the business’s website to request a quote before you choose the service best for you.

This quote lets you budget accordingly and also lets you select the precise repair services you need. You can eliminate extra services if you cannot afford them right now.

Repair Orders and Brochures

When you do not have time to visit the business’s location or your practice is not in the same area as the business, you can make a service request online. This online request lets you keep working and set up services at your convenience without having to travel to the location.

You can also download and print off a copy of the company’s brochure. The brochure goes into more depth about what services are available to you and what prices are expected for the services you request. You can keep this brochure in your office for future reference if needed.

Your patients depend on you for accurate diagnoses and treatment. You can fulfill their expectations and keep your practice afloat by having faulty or damaged medical equipment repaired quickly.